In sports, people talk about a player having a “hot hand;” being “in the zone,” “on fire,” or “unconscious.” Mostly, research has debunked this idea as untrue—merely a human perception bias.

However, a recent research study that took place in a sales call center identifies that momentum or “hot hand” and even “cold hand” does actually exist within a high-volume sales environment.

Evidence shows you can influence positive streaks and minimize negative streaks on your teams.

Professor Nick Lee from Warwick University joins Tim Riesterer, Chief Visionary at B2B DecisionLabs, for an exclusive webcast sharing his brand new (pre-publication) research that inside sales leaders will not want to miss.

In this webcast, you’ll learn:

  • The concept of sales momentum and the evidence for it in high-volume sales environments.
  • Exclusive ideas for managers to control momentum, including how to sustain positive “hot hand” momentum and reduce negative “cold hand” momentum.
  • How office and call center design, day of the week, and time of day impact momentum on sales teams.