inside sales

If you’re selling today, you’re selling in a virtual and digital environment. How can you have conversations that win on virtual sales calls?

Much of the advice out there will tell you that you need some decent lighting and to place your camera so it’s not pointing straight up your nose.

But how much does that actually help? When you’re online, your well-lit, perfectly framed visage will be shrunk down to a tiny image in the corner of a computer screen. So you’ve really only managed to improve a very small part of the overall presentation.

In a virtual presentation, your sales deck is the most visible and visual part of your buyer’s experience. Your slides are now the focus of attention—or not, depending on how well they do the job.

To cut through the noise and win, your inside sales approach needs to hook your audience, keep them engaged, and deliver a highly memorable message that inspires them to take action.

In this collection of science-backed resources, you’ll learn how to:

  • Grab and hold your audience’s attention with dynamic and interactive storytelling
  • Prime their brain and spike attention with high-impact imagery
  • Control the most important message you want your audience to remember
  • Involve your audience in a way that will help them retell your story long after the presentation

These skills are vital to your success in today’s virtual-first sales environment. Make sure your inside sales team is built to win.