buyer enablement

The B2B buying process isn’t as linear or predictable as most companies assume. Buyers are interacting with your digital content much further down the sales funnel, and they’re actively looking for information that will help inform their buying decisions.

Unfortunately, most content isn’t designed to guide those decisions. As a result, buyers are getting wrapped around the axle trying to make sense of the available information.

B2B companies need to make it easy for buyers to find useful content that informs and guides their decision-making process. To make it happen, you must be willing to rethink how you develop messages and content that makes it easier for buyers to find the information they need while guiding them through the decision-making process.

Buyer enablement tools take the form of calculators, assessments, diagnostics, and benchmarks (and more) that give your buyers information that helps them make decisions and build consensus across a large buying group.

In this collection of research, you’ll find out what messages and content are most effective for supporting a self-directed buyer’s journey and persuading those buyers to choose your solution.