what motivates sellers to use your content?

The rallying cry of “sales and marketing alignment” is still reverberating as a so-called “best practice” solution from nearly 20 years ago.

Yet, for all the proposed solutions and all the tools available to solve these collaboration challenges, organizations continue to struggle to get sellers to use the content that marketing provides.

Is the content misaligned with sellers’ needs? Is marketing’s message fundamentally flawed? Or is it simply a matter of sellers holding a bias toward marketing as the messenger?

In this research brief, you’ll see the results of a two-part behavioral research study from Dr. Leff Bonney in partnership with Allego. Specifically, these studies aimed to answer the following questions:

  • Who should present the content to sellers—a sales leader, a product marketing manager, or a high-performing peer?
  • What kind of story and approach should the presenter use to get sellers bought in?
  • Does adding a reflective activity have a meaningful impact on the sellers’ willingness to use the content?