gaining consensus during virtual sales presentations

The typical buying committee now includes as many as 15 decision-makers, depending on which analyst you ask. And most of these stakeholders are weighing in from different locations.

It’s a challenge to get consensus from so many people, and even more so when you aren’t meeting with them in person. How do you get multiple decision-makers in remote locations to remember and act on your message in a unified way?

To find out, Dr. Carmen Simon, cognitive neuroscientist and a lead researcher at B2B DecisionLabs, studied how multiple B2B buyers’ brains synchronize attention, memory, and their motivation to act while watching a business presentation.

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  • What simple changes in your presentation can lead to more attention.
  • When to present data and insights in a way that motivates a group to act.
  • How to use the concept of priming to create unified memories among multiple buyers