price increases: the discomfort zone

No matter how you spin it, communicating price increases to your customers is potentially one of the trickiest, most delicate conversations you’ll ever have to navigate professionally. But, for companies with aggressive growth goals, it’s also one of the most essential.

Unfortunately, as important as this dialogue is for hitting high growth targets, it’s not going over too well with customers. The survey revealed—among other challenges—that companies lack the confidence, strategy, and messaging structure needed to communicate price increases to their customers effectively. Low marks across these key areas are leading to subpar outcomes.

So how do you communicate the price increase message most effectively? How do you achieve your growth goals without endangering the client relationships you’ve worked so hard to nurture?

In this research report, you’ll find out how companies handle price increase conversations today and how buyers are responding to them. You’ll also learn a scientifically tested framework for developing and delivering the most effective message for this challenging and critical phase of the customer lifecycle.