spark more sales conversations

Static e-books have always been a mainstay for demand gen and sales development programs. But as more analyst firms espouse the value of digital self-service experiences, marketers and sellers are feeling pressure to incorporate more interactive content into their own efforts.

Maybe that’s why 83 percent of companies believe it’s important to make digital content more interactive.

The question is, do interactive tools generate more interest than static e-books? Beyond getting prospects to spend more time with your content, does adding interactivity spark more early-stage sales conversations?

In this B2B DecisionLabs field trial report, you’ll see how an interactive assessment performs against a static e-book in a sales development campaign. And you’ll discover:

  • How your choice of content affects your prospects’ motivation to act—from engagement to pipeline.
  • How the psychology of early-stage prospects determines which assets get them to respond or take your call.
  • How to most effectively “re-ignite” your dormant leads to generate more opportunities and boost your demand gen efforts.