Stalled proposals. Subpar close rates. Momentum loss. Whatever you call the struggle, these challenges are connected to business proposals that are ineffective at moving executive decision-makers to decide instead of defer.

Stuck deals, arguably, are a value communication problem more than a budget issue. They’re the result of a failure to create enough urgency and evidence to get buyers with decision-making clout and budget responsibilities to agree to move now.

How do you create a business case that passes muster with buyers who may be less involved with your solutions’ actual day-to-day deployment? Decision-makers might not care how your solution works, but they want to see how you help them drive business value.

In this research report, you will learn what type of story is most effective at moving executive and financial decision-makers to act now. You’ll explore brand new academic research that aims to understand better the factors that move executives to action. And you’ll learn about a Why Now messaging framework that’s proven by the research to help you make the biggest impact in this moment.