The mission of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is pretty clear: acquire and retain the best customers in your “sweet spot” who can deliver the most value over the long haul. Execution on this mission may vary, but the objective remains the same.

No doubt, it costs a lot of money to market, sell, and acquire these coveted customers. It’s also an expensive effort to ensure a successful implementation. In some cases, companies might even over-service the account in those early days to ensure a great initial experience.

For many industries, especially those with subscription-type contracts, this means the real profitability finally cranks up when you score that first renewal.

As a result, you’d think that customer “lifecycle” communications, in particular renewal messaging, should be a major component of an ABM strategy. But, is it? Or, does renewal messaging get forgotten amidst all the customer acquisition hype?

This report examines the survey results and provides valuable insights around messaging areas companies need to consider as they look to fulfill the promise of ABM, which includes both winning and keeping more valuable, long-term customers. The report also looks at new science-based research that strongly suggests a retention story requires a distinct messaging framework that’s different from customer acquisition messaging to help companies reinforce customer loyalty and capture the more profitable renewal business.