Meet the Scientists Who Study Your Brain

Meet the Scientists Who Study Your Brain
Meet the Scientists Who Study Your Brain

Traditional analyst firms rely on subjective opinions or backward-looking observations of so-called company “best practices.” B2B DecisionLabs bases its findings on experiments conducted with actual customers—designed and overseen by a team of on-staff and contract PhD scientists who specialize in behavioral economics, cognitive neuroscience, and social psychology.

B2B DecisionLabs researchers

Dr. Carmen Simon, Cognitive Neuroscientist

Dr. Carmen Simon, Chief Science Officer

Carmen Simon, Ph.D. is a cognitive neuroscientist and Chief Science Officer at Corporate Visions and B2B DecisionLabs. A Silicon Valley entrepreneur and keynote speaker, Dr. Simon has developed a groundbreaking approach to creating memorable messages that are easy to process, hard to forget, and impossible to ignore―using the latest in brain science. Dr. Simon is the author of Impossible to Ignore: Creating Memorable Content to Influence Decisions.

Professor Nick Lee, Behavioral Scientist

Dr. Nick Lee, Behavioral Scientist

Dr. Nick Lee is a Professor of Marketing at Warwick Business School in Coventry, UK. He has spent nearly 20 years drawing from social psychology, cognitive neuroscience, economics, and philosophy to develop insights to improve sales conversations.

B2B DecisionLabs research partners

Dr. Roberto Cavazos, Data Scientist

Dr. Roberto Cavazos, Data Scientist

Dr. Roberto Cavazos is on the faculty of the Information Systems and Decision Science department at the University of Baltimore Merrick School of Business. Previously, he has consulted in areas of economics and data science for the U.S. Government, international organizations and Fortune 500 firms. He has also served on the faculty of Carnegie Mellon and Florida International University.

Dr. Bryan Hochstein, Behavioral Scientist

Bryan Hochstein, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Culverhouse College of Business, University of Alabama. Dr. Hochstein specializes in advancing academic research on sales topics and the emerging area of customer success management and is a co-author of a widely adopted textbook, “Marketing Strategy.”

Dr. Leff Bonney, Behavioral Scientist

Leff Bonney, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Sales and Marketing in the Florida State University Sales Institute. Leff spent a decade in sales and sales management roles before becoming a leading sales researcher specializing in customer selection as well as adaptive sales strategies and methodologies.

B2B DecisionLabs leadership

Tim Riesterer, Chief Visionary

Tim Riesterer,
Chief Visionary

Tim Riesterer, Chief Visionary at B2B DecisionLabs, is dedicated to helping companies harness the power of Decision Science to win more business with prospects and customers. He is a recognized thought leader, keynote speaker, and practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in marketing and sales management. Riesterer is co-author of four books, including Customer Message ManagementConversations that Win the Complex SaleThe Three Value Conversations, and The Expansion Sale.
Frank Pinder, General Manager

Frank Pinder,
General Manager

As B2B DecisionLabs’ General Manager, Frank Pinder has created a field testing methodology and framework that have improved inside sales teams’ performance around the globe. Frank has extensive experience working with small and large organizations alike to provide top-notch testing environments directly linked to business growth and overall success.

Doug Hutton, Senior Vice President, Products

Doug Hutton,
Senior Vice President, Products

Doug Hutton leads all product development and management activities at B2B DecisionLabs. He works with our scientists and research partners to create a scientific foundation for solutions that help sales, marketing, and customer success teams have more successful customer conversations. Doug is co-author of The Expansion Sale: Four Must-Win Conversations to Keep and Grow Your Customers.